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2nd Annual Oktoberfest!

El Segundo Brewing

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September will be here before we know it and that can only mean one thing… Oktoberfest!
Last year we brought back Hüftgold Festbier and it was such a hit that we’re giving this 5.8% pounder a proper can with art and everything!
But the fun doesn’t stop there… we’re also releasing a Dunkel Bock-collab with John Palmer, the author of “How To Brew”!
What’s a Dunkel Bock? It’s a malty-rich German lager that was first brewed in Einbeck, Germany in the 14th Century. Think somewhere between a Marzen and a Doppelbock. We couldn’t be more honored to introduce this really old NEW style to you and with John Palmer behind it… chef’s kiss!
Alright, you know what we’re brewing, so let’s spend a moment to talk about the actual day:
-We have one liter ESBC branded steins for sale ($15).
-We’ve hired your favorite Oktoberfest band again, Hammerstein Musik Bavaria!
-And we’re opening up the Mayberry Grill for some delicious German fare: Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and a giant pretzels from Rockenwagner!
-And we’re hosting a VIP session from 11am-Noon, VIP tickets available above
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