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The 2019 LA Beer Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are here and now you’re scrambling to get that beer lover in your life the perfect gift. But what do you get them? They’re already heavily stocked up on every beer you could imagine. Plus, there’s nothing worse than giving a beer snob the wrong beer.

Well, here are some holiday gift ideas that are perfect for any beer-loving co-worker, husband, wife, brother, sister, dad, or mom. There’s even some that you’ll want to snag for yourself!

1. Hopped LA Merch

We’re having a closeout sale on our current stock of merch, so it’s the perfect time to grab a few shirts. Check out the store, and here’s a secret tip: sign up for our email list before you buy. Not only will you be on the receiving end of the most informative newsletter for LA beer drinkers, but you’ll get an additional $5 off your order. What could be better?!


2. LA Beer Hop Passes

The worst thing about being an LA beer drinker? The fact that breweries are so spread out, some being over an hour away from each other. Well, worry no longer! LA Beer Hop makes brewery hopping easy with their fun and educational public and private tours. You’ll be in good hands with their expert guides, shuttling you around to some of the best breweries in LA and getting an exclusive VIP behind the scenes look at some very cool brewhouses. Send them a gift card or go ahead and book yourselves a surprise tour. Buy 1 pass and get 1 free with the promo code HOPPEDLA!


3. The Bottle Shoppe Gift Cards

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know that we love The Bottle Shoppe in Sylmar. They get some of the best beer out there, the staff is friendly and points you in the right direction for your tastes, the shelves are well-organized and easy to browse, and they even do local delivery. Head over to Sylmar to stock up on gift cards (or just buy online) and give your beer friends the ultimate bottle shop experience. Use promo code HOPPEDLA to get $5 off your purchase of $45 or more!


4. Beer Thug Life Glassware

If you haven’t heard of Beer Thug Life yet, you have to stop reading this post and check out their Instagram. If you do know Beer Thug Life, you know that our boy Edgar has put together quite the lively community of diverse beer lovers. What better way to show how you rep the Beer Thug Life with some merch from their store? Personally, I dig the Cheers Mothafuckas stemmed glassware, but the shirts and hats are also legit. And they’ll make a great gift for the beer thug in your life.


5. Homebrew Depot Classes & Tours

Sure, pretty much everyone has drank beer, but have they brewed it? We’re of the mentality that you can’t fully appreciate beer until you experience brewing it for yourself. That’s where Homebrew Depot comes in. They have classes around LA where they walk you through the brewing process, guide you through tasting notes, hand-select specialty ingredients, and you end up with a container of wort that eventually becomes your very own beer. And, if you’re not in the brewing mood, they also host fun and educational brewery walking tours around LA where you can check out a few breweries at once while getting some exercise and taking in some LA street culture in the process. Check out their classes & tours here and be sure to use the promo code HOPPEDLA for an extra discount.


NewAir 126 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge in Black

6. NewAir Beer Fridge

Yup, your fridge is out of space again. Any serious craft beer drinker has run into this dilemma before. They take a trip to their local beer store, they see how many awesome fresh local LA beers are in stock, they pick up three times more than they planned to, then they get home and have no more room in the fridge to keep their fresh cans cold. That’s where the mini beer fridge comes in. This is a must-have for the professional beer drinker. You can fit a bunch of beer in it and tuck in away in a corner so it’s out of the way. Plus you can use the promo code HOPPEDLA to knock 20% off the price. This is the type of gift that makes you a beer superhero, so pick yours up today.


7. Shirts on Tap Subscription

Sick of seeing your friend/husband/girlfriend/etc wearing the same old beer shirts over and over again? Shirts on Tap to the rescue! Sign up for their monthly box where you can choose a different city or their non-geographically focused artisanal box featuring a new beer shirt and accessories every month. They partner up with different local artists around the country so each design has a fresh new take and is more unique than anything else you’re seeing out there. How cool of a gift is that?? Use the promo code HOPPEDLA to grab your first box for $5.


8. Tavour Gift Box

While we always advocate for local independent craft beer first and foremost, we do believe it’s important for any beer drinker to round out their drinking experience with breweries from all over the rest of the country. And if you’re not into trade groups or contracting mules to hunt down your whales, then Tavour is the best option out there. You can choose one of their specially curated gift boxes to send to your loved one (the Mixed Beer set is an awesome way to go), or you can just pick up a gift card, drop it in a stocking, and let them do the beer buying themselves. Either way, it’s a very cool experience that any beer drinker would love. Be sure to use code HOPPEDLA to get $10 in FREE BEER once you spend $25. Did someone say free beer??


9. LABG Enthusiasts Membership

The LA Brewers Guild isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when beer drinkers think about LA beer. But behind all the breweries and all of the beer, the Brewers Guild works behind the scenes to clear the path so that breweries have what they need to open up, operate, and thrive in the LA community. They also host some of the best beer events in LA throughout the year. This non-profit organization relies on supporters and this Enthusiasts Membership is a great way to show support and get some cool perks in the process. In addition to the Enthusiasts shirt, you also get discounts at breweries around the county, early access to VIP tickets, and exclusive discounts that no one else outside the industry gets. If they’re an LA beer lover, they should be a LABG Enthusiast member.


10. Dutch’s Brewhouse Brew Day

Like we mentioned before, brewing beer makes drinking it oh so much better. And if you want to take the next step up from the home brew in a box, the brew-on-premise concept at Dutch’s in Long Beach is probably your best bet. You get hands on experience on Dutch’s on-site system with their head brewer leading the way. The multi-day process gives you 15 gallons of your own home brewed beer, which is definitely going to be much more drinkable than anything you brew yourself. With up to 4 people per brew, this is a great group experience gift that can be enjoyed among friend groups or families. Learn more and book your own.


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase through them, we earn a very small commission. That incentive, however, has zero bearing on our recommendation as these are all awesome companies and products and we endorse them 100%.


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