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Craft Beer in Westside

The Westside of Los Angeles one of the nicest parts of the city to drink craft beer. It's by the beach, the weather is usually amazing, there are the stereotypical LA palm trees, and that picture-perfect Instagram-ready beer shot is always just a beer bar away.

While there aren't a ton of beer spots densely packed on the Westside, they're spread out enough so there are great options no matter where along the coast you are. The Westside is also home to some of the county's OG beer bars - spots like The Daily Pint and Father's Office cemented Santa Monica as a beer destination before anyone ever heard of Untappd.

Whether you want something hoppy, something malty, something sessionable, or a hard-hitter to the end the night, you've got your pick from some great spots around town.

Browse through the best craft breweries, beer bars, and beer stores in and around LA's Westside.

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