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#RANKED: Our Top 10 Craft Beer Spots in Downtown LA

Welcome to the first episode of Ranked, our new podcast where we put together our top 10 rankings for every aspect of the Los Angeles beer scene. With over 300 breweries, beer bars, and craft beer stores in Los Angeles, we felt it’s time for us to give you guys some insight into where our personal preferences lie.

In this first episode, we dive into the Downtown Los Angeles beer scene, walking you through the spots that we personally prioritize when visiting the area or when recommending to our family and friends.

Here’s our quick list, but listen in to the podcast below (or search Hopped LA on your podcast player of choice) to get the nitty gritty details on WHY we ranked the way we did.

1. Highland Park Brewery
2. Mumford Brewing
3. Barbara’s at the Brewery
4. Modern Times Dankness Dojo
5. Mikkeller Bar
6. Indie Brewing
7. Dry River Brewing
8. The Fields / Free Play
9. The Heights Deli
10. Imperial Western

By no means is this a comprehensive list. There are plenty of other places worth visiting and talking about. So we want to hear from you. What is YOUR top 10 list for craft beer in Downtown Los Angeles?


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