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The Best Beer Fridge for Your LA Beer Hauls: NewAir AB-1200B

NewAir 126 Can Freestanding Beverage Fridge in Black

Recently, the NewAir team sent over one of their newest beer fridges for us to take for a spin. And you know that we put that baby to the test.

This sleek black and glass beauty is designed for our favorite beer package format, the can. Their website states you can fit 20 six-packs in it, but with the majority of our cans being tall 16 ouncers, we couldn’t quite fit that many. But still, with the right shelf spacing, this fridge is going to be able to handle the majority of your daily drinking beer can collection.

The coolest thing about this beer fridge is the lighting and design – it makes a strong statement no matter what design style you’ve got going on in your home or office. Plus, the glass door allows you to really show off the cool labels on the beers you just snagged, whether that’s an IPA from Indie, a Pils from LA Ale Works, a Hazy Double from Highland Park, or a sleek can conditioned Saison from Brouwerij West.

No matter which way you look at it, NewAir’s Beer Can Fridge is legit and we highly recommend you consider picking one up, especially if your main fridge is running short on space and your significant other is threatening to dump your treasures! Pick yours up here and use the discount code HoppedLA20 to get 20% off (that’s almost $60 off the retail price!).


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