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The Coldest Beer Fridge Around: The NewAir Mini Beer Froster

What exactly is a beer froster?

That’s the first question I had in mind when NewAir sent us over their latest mini beer fridge, the NewAir Mini Beer Froster. The answer is that it’s more than a fridge; whereas most fridges only go down to about 36°F, the Beer Froster holds temps down to a whopping 23°F.

There are certainly some occasions where those low temps can come in handy; namely, if you have a boatload of domestic lagers that you want to get cold, and get cold quickly. It’s also helpful if you want to frost up glassware or store a mini-keg.

Now – just because you can keep beer that cold, doesn’t mean you should. But this fridge works for everything else you might want to store in here, too. I’ve been keeping this fridge in the low 40s, which is ideal for storing IPAs, pilsners, and farmhouse ales. It can also hold cellar temperatures if you want to store wine or barrel-aged beers at the traditional 55°F.

And the fridge works as well as they say – out of curiosity, I stuck my oven thermometer inside to test the temperature, and the stated temp was spot on with my thermometer.

The specs on the froster are pretty standard for a mini beer fridge. The stated capacity is 46 12 oz. cans; after adjusting the shelves and playing a bit of beer fridge Tetris, I was able to store 35 16 oz. cans, which is a solid capacity for its size (about 23 inches tall). The fridge itself runs quietly, and the chrome design is sleek. The external temperature display is a nice touch.

Overall, this is a great beer fridge with a precise and wide-ranging temperature gauge that’s ideal for anything from icing down some lagers, to short-term storage of hazy IPAs, to even long-term cellaring of barrel-aged stouts.

If you’ve reached the point where you’re ready to step up your beer game and start storing beers at the proper temperature, the Newair Mini Beer Froster is a great place to start. Get 10% off with the code HOPPEDLA over at


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