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UNCANNED: Missionary’s Downfall Tiki IPA by Frogtown Brewery

It’s tiki time! Frogtown Brewery pulled off one of the most unique and delicious tiki-style IPA’s out there!

Missionary’s Downfall is a 7.2% Hazy IPA brewed with mint, peach, lime, and pineapple for an incredibly refreshing take on a tiki classic. The beer is a collab w/ Dirty Dick’s tiki bar in Paris and the awesome can design is courtesy of illustrator Patrick Ian Moss.

While most “tiki-style” beers are tiki adjacent, Missionary’s Downfall is a straight-up delicious tiki cocktail in a can! While the beer is currently sold out, we highly recommend seeking this out if/when it comes back.

This episode of Uncanned is brought to you by Hi-Lo Liquor.


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