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UNCANNED: Amalgamator West Coast IPA by Beachwood Brewing

Amalgamator is the ultimate Mosaic-forward West Coast IPA, a legendary LA beer and one of the OG’s from Beachwood Brewing.

This 7.1% hop bomb pours a bright medium gold with a crystal clear soapy white head and bursts with very classic West Coast aromas – citrus, blueberries, dankness, and a hit of malt sweetness. On the taste, you’re introduced to a very full-flavored medium-bodied IPA with flavors of citrus, berry, and dankness, a solid bitter bite that presents a very front-to-back palate experience.

Like most IPAs, this one drinks best fresh, and lucky for all of us here in LA, you can find cans or pours of Amalgamator readily available at some of the best craft beer-focused spots around the city as well as direct from the brewery itself.


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