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UNCANNED: Food Fight vs Ultimate Food Fight by Common Space Brewery

Food Fight is a super solid and underrated Hazy IPA from Common Space Brewery in Hawthorne, CA. Let’s see how their Ultimate DDH DIPA version holds up!

Regular Food Fight comes in at 6.5% and is hopped with Vic Secret, Bru-1, and Cryo Loral. It pours bright orange with minimal haze on a surprisingly thin body for a hazy. On the taste, you get a slightly creamy mouthfeel with flavors of acidic orange citrus, like Sunny D and Flinstones vitamins, as well as some pineapple and white grape.

Ultimate Food Fight comes in at 8% and is hopped with Lupomax, T90 Bru-1, and Vic Secret. It pours a thin, slightly hazier orange and bursts with fresh-squeezed orange, fresh pineapple, and ripe stone fruit. This beer is a noticeably more robust experience than its non-DDH’d counterpart, featuring a bigger mouthfeel, bigger hop presence, and a brighter more pronounced perceived bitterness.

Both drink more like a Juicy IPA than a Hazy IPA, but are unmistakenly great beers. To be honest, it will be hard to go back to the regular Food Fight after drinking the Ultimate version, but try them side by side for yourself and drop a comment to let us know what you think!


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