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UNCANNED: Les Bíeres Petítes (Strata) Hoppy Table Beer by Homage Brewing

Up first in our Hop Box brewery feature is Les Bíeres Petítes by Homage Brewing in Pomona, CA.

This 4.5% super sessionable hoppy table beer pours a hazy yellow-orange with a soapy rocky head and bursts with aromas of sweet strawberry, fresh cut grass, and a slight hint of dankness.

On the palate, you get more sweet strawberry, a nice lemon-orange citrus, and just a tiny bit of stone fruit.

White wheat and flaked oats give this beer a soft and delicate mouthfeel that allows the hop flavors to shine through, resulting in a highly drinkable, mellow, and balanced beer drinking experience.

Another delicious beer from Homage! Look out for the Simcoe hopped version of this beer in our Hop Box available to order now!​.


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