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UNCANNED: M9.3 Hazy Triple IPA by Monkish Brewing

M9.3 is another 9-year anniversary beer from Monkish Brewing. This 10.3% Triple IPA is hopped with Citra, Nelson, Simcoe, and Strata and features Phantasm, which is a new super interesting product that adds additional thiols, tropical aromatic compounds that are sourced as a byproduct of Sauvignon Blanc grapes from the Marlborough region in New Zealand.

The beer pours with that classic Monkish haze juice appearance and on the aroma, you get a slightly muted earthy dank nose with some pineapple and a touch of orange peel.

On the taste, you get a very dry beer with great balance and basically zero upfront alcohol. Big white wine grape flavors come through from the Nelson and the Phantasm with some nice tropical fruitiness complementing that. It’s got a thin+ body and a light mouthfeel for a hazy with just enough belly burn alcohol heat on the backend to remind you you’re drinking a beer over 10%.

Phenomenal beer, incredible balance, 100% lives up to the Monkish haze hype. Gimme more!


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