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UNCANNED: M9.4 Hazy Double IPA by Monkish Brewing

I was lucky to get gifted a can of this awesome 9-year anniversary beer from Monkish Brewing and it did NOT disappoint!

M9.4 is a 9% double dry-hopped Hazy Double IPA hopped with 9 different hops at 9lbs per barrel. It pours with that picture perfect Monkish haze aesthetic that every beer drinkers knows from the IG feed.

The nose blasted with fruit – a pineapple, melon, strawberry, grape, and orange hop cocktail of fruity aromas. On the taste, it comes across super juicy yet incredibly dry, balanced by a buzz of hop burn and polyphenol-induced perceived bitterness.

This is one of those beers that is so full flavored, it activates every sensation in the mouth, but remains incredibly drinkable without that typical big hazy sweetness. As someone that’s really not into hazys these days, Monkish knocked this one out of the park, truly incredible beer!


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