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UNCANNED: Más Chingona Hazy West Coast IPA by Highland Park Brewery

Más Chingona is a 7% Hazy West Coast IPA by Highland Park Brewery released as part of the 2021 Pink Boots Society collaboration.

What is Hazy West Coast IPA, you ask? Inspired by the folks up at Cellarmaker, it combines the lean, bitter, dryness of a West Coast IPA with the softness and hopping characteristics of the Hazy IPA. The best of both worlds, in my opinion.

This Pink Boots collab was brewed with Yakima Chief’s Pink Boots hop blend, which includes Cashmere, Citra, Loral, Sabro, and Ahtanum, along with some of HPB’s own hand-picked Citra.

On the taste, it balances delicious tropical fruit flavors of juicy pineapple, ripe orange, and a little bit of coconut all on top of a crisp light body from the floor-malted pilsner malt, soft round edges from a touch of wheat, a solid bitterness, and a nice dry finish.

Más Chingona is an excellent tribute to the bad ass women working in the craft beer industry. Just like this beer, we hope there’s even more to come!

Unfortunately, this beer is sold out by now, but Highland Park recently released a new Hazy West Coast as part of their 7th anniversary celebration and continues to experiment with the style all the time, so keep an eye out!


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