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UNCANNED: SNWBLL German-Style Pilsner by Ogopogo Brewing

SNWBLL is a 5% German-style Pilsner by Ogopogo Brewing and is the second release in their collaboration series with the band PPL MVR.

Ogopogo is a fantastic young brewery in San Gabriel, CA, known equally for their fun, over-the-top adjunct-laden pastry beers as their skillfully executed true-to-style beers in their lineup. This beer is most definitely on the straightforward true-to-style side, but with a little twist…

SNWBLL pours a gorgeous brilliant yellow gold and boasts aromas of crackery malt character, herbal notes, and just a touch of fresh cut grass. The twist on this beer is that it was hopped with Super Saaz, which gives the beer the same floral, herbal, and spicy flavors, but contains a higher level of alpha acids which gives the beer a bigger hit of bitterness that gives you a lot more to work with compared to a more traditional pils.

This beer is extremely drinkable and refreshing and we highly recommend picking up some cans of this (if it’s still around) or any of Ogopogo’s beers because, well, they’re awesome!

* This video was originally recorded as part of our Friday Night Live tasting show streamed every Friday night on Instagram Live. Tune in live this Friday at @hoppedla! *


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