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UNCANNED: Tristeza Pilsner by Homage Brewing

Not only does Homage make world-class barrel-aged wild ales, complex wine-inspired saisons, and soft and delicate hazy IPAs, they also knock it out of the park with one of the best Pils in LA!

Tristeza is a 5% German-style Pilsner from Homage Brewing in Pomona, CA hopped w/ Tettnanger and Zuper Saazer. The label features a clean minimalist design that really embodies their cool taproom aesthetic. Tristeza gives you a picture-perfect pour with aromas of herbal orange peel potpourri and zesty noble hop character.

On the taste, you get more of those noble hops coming through as grassy, herbal, dried orange peel, and lime zest that drinks crisp but with slightly softer edges. This is delicious and refreshing, beer-flavored beer, but with a unique craft vibe that you just gotta try for yourself!


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