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Tasting Chasing Ghosts West Coast Double IPA by Far Field Beer Co.

With any new brewery, I tend to temper my expectations to give brewers time to learn their equipment, dial in their process, and get quality up to speed. But with Far Field, they seemed to have launched with the bar set really high for themselves.

The branding, the taproom space, and the beers themselves have all been really fantastic. Really cool space and have just really enjoyed what I’ve seen come out of Far Field so far.

Sometimes you see a brewery launch with a lot of polish but the beer just doesn’t hold up. And sometimes you see the opposite, where the beers are really good but everything else leaves a lot to be desired. Far Field has struck a really nice balance with what they’ve put out into the world.

Chasing Ghosts is grassy, with pine resin, candied orange, dried pineapple, and grapefruit peel throughout. It’s got a solid bitterness that backs up against its boozy sweetness with a touch of alcoholic heat.

This big 9.2% classic West Coast style Double IPA is aggressively drinkable and is the great complement to the end of a solid drinking session.

Grab pours and cans at Far Field Beer Company in Lawndale before they’re gone!


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