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Tasting Thrillseeker West Coast IPA by Beachwood Brewing

There are special beers like this that are incredibly well done and are just masterful in execution. And they’re not around all the time. So you can go out of your way and pick up a 4-pack or two and really enjoy it. And savor a moment that doesn’t occur or can’t occur all the time. That’s what I’m doing right here. That’s what I’m doing right now with Thrillseeker.

Hats off to Julian and the entire brewing team at @beachwoodbrewing for pulling off just another flawlessly executed beer. A beer that I think does a really good job honoring its roots as a classic West Coast-style IPA. But also keeping it modern enough and approachable enough so that it remains incredibly drinkable in 2022.

Grab cans of Thrillseeker IPA before they’re all gone at your local Beachwood Brewing taproom!


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