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Tasting Melrose IPA by Beachwood Brewing

Tasting the fresh 2022 batch of Beachwood Brewing’s Melrose IPA!

Melrose IPA is the OG Beachwood IPA and was the first IPA brewed on their system at their Long Beach brewpub after they first opened.

It’s the epitome of West Coast IPA balance, wrapping up powerful citrus and tropical hop flavors with solid bitterness and a touch of sweet malt character.

You know those beers where you just keep subconsciously taking sip after sip until before you know it the beer is gone in record time? This is that beer!

Buy a four pack, buy a case, whatever you do just buy it. Head over to your local Beachwood location, order online, or hit your local craft beer retailer once it hits distro.



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