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Tasting Cosmic Lottery IPA by Beachwood Brewing­čŹ╗

Cosmic Lottery is a brand new limited release West Coast IPA from Beachwood Brewing released in a fresh, colorful, geometric can design that surely stands out on the shelves.

Sitting at 7.1% and hopped with Strata, Mosaic, Citra, and Pahto, it gives you everything you’ve come to expect in a West Coast IPA from Beachwood, expertly balancing a flavor profile consisting of bright citrus, tropical fruit notes, and a slight touch of dank, resinous cannabis.

It drinks lighter and brighter than the more traditional West Coast-style offerings from Beachwood, which keeps this beer both refreshing and interesting.

With Cosmic Lottery, Beachwood continues to traverse the entire spectrum of the West Coast IPA style, pushing the boundaries, coloring outside the lines, and delivering hit after hit after hit.

Grab yourself a four-pack and a pour at your local Beachwood taproom (Long Beach, Garden Grove, Huntington Beach), and keep your eyes peeled for Cosmic Lottery to hit the shelves and taps of your local beer spot soon.


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